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New Tajima incoming!

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We have a brand new Tajima TMEZ incoming. 6 Head version with ITM, and automatic thread tension adjustment. A slick freaking machine for us embroidery noobs. I'm freaking pumped, but also a little freaked out since it's the largest dollar value equipment purchase I've ever made. Literally the only piece of equipment I've bought new. Holy smokes.

We haven't done much embroidery before, but I really wanted a production machine. So.....i'm trying to hit the ground running after my early 90's era single head SWF debacle which has been sitting in a corner since 2019.

Looking at getting a hoop master. I can't imagine running a press without tri loc, and this look like the equivalent. Will the hoops that come with our machine work with it, or should I just bite the bullet and buy the magnetic hoops as well? If so, what size(s)? Starting off, we're mostly going to be doing L chests on polos and hats.

Next up, threads. I have a madeira account. Never really understood the difference between thread types. Poly neon / rayon etc. Is one better than the other? Does it vary by substrate, or is it a wash thing?

Anything else to know out of the gate? Hirsch has some training for us, but any expert advice will be helpful. Thanks yall!


Def magnetic... world of difference. And get the hoop master for the magnetic hoops. Ive got 2 per head.

When you order a hoop master you specify which type of hoops you have and they provide the correct templates. I would never say no to magnetics if you can afford them.

TMEZ is the way to go.  I wish all of our machines didn't have the pickers - we have a couple multihead TMAR-KC Type IIs.

Magnetic for sure.  We have single heads for unique loads / bags but you may want to look into Hooptech ICTCS clamp hoops if you will do bags / pockets.  We just about never touch the stock green hoops of any size.

blue moon:
TMEZ all the way!!! Our operator says it probably produces 10% more than non AI machines and the embroidery looks better than anything he's seen before. Easier, faster, better... what's not to like.



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