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cap press issue

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I've had an old Hotronix cap press for years, that works really well on unstructured caps. Structured caps on the other hand are often a bit difficult as I can't get them to get close enough to the platen, like they stick up about a 1/4" off the platen. It  would seem that the radius of the caps is considerably shorter that the radius of the platen. It may be time to look at a new cap press, but any other ideas are welcome...


I have cut up a shirt and folded it to about the size platen or the size of the void and taped it on, to pad the voids on the structured caps. 

I looked into this once, and don't quote me but I believe it's Hotronix that offers different radiused platens/heat panels.
IE you can change them out for different scenarios.

I did end up cutting the back out of a golf shirt, folding to fit the platen, taped it down, and got 37 out of 40 to come out just fine. I will check out Stahl's to see about the different radius attachment, thanks.


We have a few different models, I can say the Hotronix 360 IQ is mostly disappointing. We won't use it anymore for production except to take the pressure line out of the hat after initial pressing.....I've called that thing some really colorful names. Proworld had a decent one we picked up not too long ago for around 600.00, it came with other size platens too


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