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how many stitches from a bobbin

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Does anyone have a rough idea of how many stitches I can expect from a bobbin? I always find myself checking the bobbin after every item when we are doing higher stitch counts. I would love to know that I can 3 pieces with 24k stitches before checking/changing the bobbin.

Doug S:
I can't give you an exact but I use the magnetic bobbins and can't think of the brand at the moment but I just finished some badges at 29500 stitches each and was doing 2 and part of the another with one bobbin.  I don't think I could've stretched it to 3 badges though.  I was doing the same thing though and checking very often since I'm kind of new at this.

mid 40,000 on lots of fill or small radials. if big radials less.

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40K to 50K. It all depends on fill types and underlay density. But regardless you should be able to run till your machine beeps and tells you the bobbin ran out. Magnetic bobbin is the best because it maintains the same tension right till it runs out, the paper bobbins spin at a decreasing RPM as the bobbin gets smaller  and the top stitches can show the change.

All good info. I will try the magnetic bobbins for sure.


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