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Full manual setup with Antec Legend 6/4


Denis Kolar:
For sale is a full screen printing setup. I used it for 10 years without any issues.

Selling as a full set ONLY.

Antec Legend 6 colors 4 pallets press
Comes with 4 Aluminum pallets, 4 original pallets that came with it, 4 youth pallets and 4 sleeve pallets. Also, a coozie pallet where you can print 7 coozies or it can be a pocket pallet

Nuarc 40-1K exposure unit. No leaks, brand new glass, it comes with 3 bulbs. Exposes very nice screens.

Atlas 824 Dryer. Few years back changed one heating element, changed the heat control unit (Comes with extra one, bought a spare too) Belt in a great condition.

I believe I have 60-70 screens, around 30 Newmans and the rest combination of wooden (not many) and aluminum screens in a good condition. Some replacement panels for Newman frames too. Newmans are manual frames.

All manual squeegees I have. Probably 10-12 of 14" ones and 10-15 of the smaller sizes.

I can also throw in one of the screen racks on wheels.

All equipment is of course used, but in excellent shape.

Any questions, fire away. Selling because I upgraded to an automatic press.

Asking $5800 for everything.
Come and pick it up and start printing tomorrow.
There is $1000 in pallets only.

Press is disassembled. Exposure unit is one piece. Dryer has to be taken out from my basement.

Denis Kolar:
Forgot to mention foot pedal operated semi automatic flash also made by Antec.

Denis Kolar:
Make an offer if interested


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