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Grimco buys TubeliteDenco

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Denco gets sold to Tubelite, operates as TubeliteDenco for what, almost a year? Now TubeliteDenco sold to Grimco.
At what point is something a monopoly? And what abomination of a name will they operate under?

Also whoever is making websites for these companies (they're all the same) is laughing all the way to the bank.
Terrible, just terrible.

Yep instead of 4 dist in Denver there is 3 and now only 1 that is in house caring union inks. GSG bought a company but not sure what they are going to carry in Denver. Didn't like Grimco when they bought Midwest Sign more digital than screen print so has me worried. They are the closest for me.



and tex source and martin supply are combining. Have already had issues with that.

 I recently got a letter from my local supplier Garston.  They were bought out by Tubelite Denco


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