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Grimco buys TubeliteDenco

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Simple really: Gartubedengrimco. Rolls off the tongue though might be a bit much for a biz card

I guess once one company owns all the supplies they can price whatever they want

Grimco is horrible, we used to use them for all our sign supplies since they are local but it was actually the worse place to order from. If you ordered 3 items, 3 items would come from 3 different locations, you could never get accurate information from them before ordering as to where everything is coming from. I use Beacon Graphics in NJ for all of our sign supplies and in ten years they have never let us down.

Had Rep in today from Denco/Tubelite/Grimco basically Denver wont stock much will have to ship from Kansas. Also they are no longer M&R dealers or Roland.
So i hope that GSG in Denver starts stock thing that need Union inks, 4" tape, spray glue etc... If they do i will be switching if the stock most in Denver.

It never ends, look at our blanks suppliers.

Sometimes when the combine it works out OK.


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