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For sale used HP Latex L330 64" printer


Denis Kolar:
For sale is used HP Latex printer. Asking $6000
Very small usage, all components are in perfect working order. Just looking to upgrade to a never model.
Had it for 6 years and it was used to print stickers and wraps, but it is probably at 40-50% of the usage that those printers get in that time.
If you want, contact me so we can set up a Facetime call and I can show you the printer working and printing test plots.
I need to figure out how to print stats and usage reports.

But, it is perfect used condition and prints very nice colors. And for a fraction of the price of the used one. Comes with standard take up system. No prints falling on the ground.
Get it while it is available.

Denis Kolar:
Here is the usage report.
Yellow was used the most, and I did not use even 6 carts of it. Lowest usage was Light Magenta and Light Cyan, barely 2.5 carts.

Barely broken in :)

Denis Kolar:
Make an offer if interested! You never know ;)
Very, very low usage. You are basically getting a 2 year old printer


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