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I have been mixing my ink with an electric drill and a paddle. As I am getting older (48) I find this more of a PITA. I have watched a few youtube videos of ink mixers. Do any of you that use them think it was worth the cost? Is cleaning the mixing blades a fair trade off?

I've wondered the same thing, like you I use a drill but I use a long allen wrench very easy to clean and I only mix gallons, qts with a short allen wrench.

I tried an allen wrench. I have torn through the side of too many buckets though.

Cheapest new (qts,gals) is probably the Revolvink from Ryonet sale price $999. recently. Or a used drill press setup also works (variable speed multi directional). Google around for different blades some suck to clean.

I use these from Lowes in my gallons. I don't clean them, whatever color they go in that's where they live. (also used to scoop ink)
For quarts I have a piece of flat stock aluminum that I've had for years.


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