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manual t-shirt printing set up for sale
« on: November 29, 2023, 03:57:58 PM »
I have the following for sale in Austin, TX;

2020 Vastex Little Red X2-D conveyor dryer- belt is 30"wide x 66" long - Barely used/ Immaculate condition- asking $5000

240v- 30amps 1 phase - heat chamber is 27" long w/ 2ea heat panels 24"wide x 12" long, so 24"x24" of radiant heat.
Each of the panels have height adjustment from 2"to7" and they have independent temp controls- the front panel can be a boost panel for water based, discharge, DTG inks. Has drop down locking wheel set.

2014 Vastex Red Flash w/stand and locking casters- 18"x18"- lightly used/ very good condition- asking $600
240v- 11amps

Hix- manual press- 6/6 carousel - rear frame clamps- all heads down- purchased used in 2002- asking $1500

It's very solid w/ smooth operation. smaller footprint- 7ft diameter. 8ft with the heads down. 7.5ft with manual frames/ heads up. front and rear off contact adjustments. Gas springs all in good shape. NO MICROS. comes with a slew of aluminum/ stainless platens- 4ea @ 14"x14"/ 3ea @ 18"x22"/ various smaller 10x14/ 6x12/ a few pocket pals- 3.5x5.5/ 1ea double long sleeve platen- 4"x18"/ 1ea jacket hold down platen- 14.4x14.5. various supplies- platen tape and glue, spot cleaning gun, some squeegees, etc.

More than 100 aluminum frames 20"x24" with various mesh counts. $15ea. $10ea in sets of 10. or make an offer on the whole lot.

Hit me up for more photos and info. Make me an offer. Will make a deal for package sale.
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Re: manual t-shirt printing set up for sale
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2023, 02:37:06 PM »

The flash cure and some of the screens have sold.

still have +-60 with mesh and +-20 without.

here's a link to a local craigslist post with more pics and info.

Make me an offer :)