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Winter storage?

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Hey got a question here, it's starting to get cold down here in the south and my emulsion and white inks are taking a beating, I have most of my inks are on the shelf but some gal on the the floor which is concrete.  What are you cats up north doing to keep your inks and emulsion at a good temp during these winter months, I wish I had just a room to store my inks and emulsion but the shop just ain't big enough for that.

we have a heated ink room, One Stroke inks. Perfect combo for cold weather. Now..... if we can only teach our new UPS guy to NOT open the bay door until he's ready to unload his truck, I'd be all set. Nothing like watching him search for a box "It'S oN hErE sOmeWhere" and ALLLL My heat goes out the door... ::)

I love it when they pick up and leave the dock door open when they leave. I may not even notice for a half hour or more depending on where in the building I am. Not good when it's below zero. (not that cold...Yet)

I tell them to leave them right outside our garage door. Then when truck unloaded, we open the door and bring them in quick and close.

For our inks, they are in the shop and I have some shelves from Home Depot that they sit on. Ill attach a pic

Heated room here too. Do you have room for a small cabinet, just big enough for your go to inks?
Or build a box that you can hang off a wall or the ceiling and heat it with a small electric heater.
Get yourself something like an Inkbird controller to plug it into for temp control.


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