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Got a new toy coming and I'm psyching myself out worrying about how I'm going to do my separations.  I'm a corel draw guy and most of our stuff is spot colors and usually everything goes through accurip and it's quick and easy.   Will it be just as easy once I get this printer?   There isn't much info online regarding this.   

For complex stuff we usually run it through separation studio 4...which again is fairly easy.  I'm assuming this program probably will not work with this I'm worried because I'm horrible at photoshop.

Any corel guys out there and if so was it an easy transition?  Or is this old dog gonna have to learn some new programs.

Thanks for any feedback.


I got you.

So, for corel, there is a specific few steps you have to go through.  It’s the same for Illustrator, but the procedures are in different areas an a td different.

M&R digital dept. Does have a pdf file step by step procedure (or at least they did).  There are not a lot of Corel users so it’s rare for them and may not have it at top of mind. May have to dig for it.

As far as your auto sep programs, you can still use those to do your “sepping” but will need to be saved as a dcs2 and dropped into a Corel template. Basically just like you do with AccuRip.

I f you need any help, shoot me an email or text me.  615-821-7850

Thanks Dan for the reply.

Do you remember if they gave you the instructions before the delivery or at delivery during setup?  Maybe I can just ask them for it in I can prepare myself.

I appreciate the help and I'm sure I'll need some help once it arrives.


corel here too, I print my seps as a PS file. Go to file, Print - look at your printer options, select "device independent postscript file" in your rip, send to DTS...

also - congrats on ditching film. I'd do shady things behind a dumpster at Big Lots before going back to film.....

I had to do shady things behind the dumpster at Big Lots to get it.

I'm going to copy your post...that seems pretty easy.


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