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We have a fairly large order that needs a print above and on the pocket, I'm wanting to run this on the auto and no we have no pocket or sleeve pallets for the auto only the manual press, I got laser alignment for the auto which will help with placement.  Anyone done this or do I just need to print the separate?  Oh and the print so far is a one color orange on navy hopeing to double stroke with no flashing one time around ;D

Doug S:
Above the pocket is no problem with the laser system and regular pallets but unless someone here has printed on the pocket without the sleeve or pocket pallets, I haven't found a way.

I would just set a laser vertically for the center of the pocket, and another laser horizontal to the edge of the top of the pocket.

Make sure you just leave enough space above the top of the pocket and the bottom of the image and load it like a normal shirt and line the pocket up to the lasers.

If you are going on 100% cotton, an Orange Discharge print on Navy would likely look much better than a no flashed double stroke plastisol.  You could look into plasticharge though harder to get really bright colors, kind of more pastel and you need high opacity ink.  But a lower mesh with thicker emulsion you can probably get passable results with plastisol if just small text and not heavy coverage.

But just because you can cut corners, for a fairly large order why not just print a base, the pocket if enough space between the bottom of the image and top of the pocket won't really effect much.  Adding a base to get a great looking product vs trying to make a passable one shouldn't even really be a question.

Do the job right once, especially for a larger order.  I'd still vote discharge on 100% cotton but that's just me and I don't know the customer or the artwork, but that would be a better product in my opinion and wouldn't need a base, win / win.

@Zane already though about discharge but don't know yet if the shirts will be 100% cotton and yes a base would be great, but I was thinking about the the shirt moving on me, I guess I could spray a little glue inside the pocket, this is going to be a long slow job no matter what :P  thanks

DTF an option on the pocket?


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