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5gal bucket sizes


Just had our production mgr point out to me that the top of the arm on our M&R turnabout is grinding against the top of the bucket, and not mixing the bottom 4-5 inches of ink. The edge of the bucket was deteriorating a little... so prob not good to have plastic particles in the ink.

 At some point it looks like Rutland / Avient moved to narrower, taller 5G bucket.

Anyone know if M&R makes a taller 5G paddle off hand?

On the flip side, maybe theres a low tech way to cut the bucket down to a size that actually works with out mixer. This sucks. We want to mix our whites! We have a 5g from texsource back there which is the old / standard / less tall size. What the hell. How do they not think about these things when they make product changes.

A decent welder could split the shaft, weld in an insert and make it however long you need.  God, I love Mig welding as a hobby, lol.


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