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Curing LOW CURE plastisol inks



wanted to confirm how to cure low cure plastisol inks.. (Tiflex Himalaya)

the data sheet reads: polymerisiert at 140´C (=284F) for 2 minutes.

Now if my conveyor belt dryer is set on 180´C and I let the garment run 1 minute.. it reaches after ~55 seconds 160´C and for a tiny fraction of time goes higher.. sometimes reaching 190/200´C for a second. Til now it works great, nothing washes out and I only burnt a certain type of very cheap Jute Taschen. But I need to print 80/20 cotton/poly hoodies and want to take advantage of the color curing at 140..

Now would I set the dryer to 140´C and time the speed of the belt to the moment, that the garment reaches at the end of the belt 140´C? Or would I need to speed the belt in a way, that the garment stays at 140´C for a certain while?

I will print 3 colors, so there is already some flashing before.

*i have an atkins probe, so i can measure


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