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DTF and the future of screen printing

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If I was a new guy looking to get into the industry, there's zero chance I'd buy screen printing equipment. Talking to my CCI rep today, it seems many shops are down sizing their fleets of automatics and adding in DTF set ups. Honestly, as technology and print speeds advance, I will be looking to make the switch too, sooner rather than later. Imagine zero screens to make, coat, clean, seps, expensive inks, large expensive presses, 6 employees to operate it all. I remember the DTG movement back at the days, saying DTG will over rule but I really see this DTF stuff actually taking hold. I understand the look and feel can be rather comparable to a SP as well.....On one hand it's amazing we won't need any of that equipment anymore, but on the other, all those years of knowledge will be almost useless..give it a few years and I think we'll see a giant shift, but that's just me -  Thoughts?


Screen print or bust. I’ll die on that hill. DTF / DTG have their place. But the quality and versatility isn’t there. Anyone serious about their brand is still going to demand screen print. Customers worth having know the difference and care enough to want it.

As many of you know, I am a big supporter of DTF. However, everything has it's place. I just got a request for 30,000 shirts with a 1 color print (First order this large since before Covid). It's being printed on our screen printing equipment. I don't see anything coming in the near future that would change this.  DTF is a great new tool and is the best choice in many cases but not all.

I welcome the incoming decline on DTF.

Doing a lot of it here.

Had some trouble getting a heat press with certain members here repainting them and trying to block people from buying directly.

Had some trouble finding a reliable supplier, ended up going overseas for it all. Way better than any domestic shop I tried.

Now that’s it’s running it’s great. My market doesn’t have 30k piece jobs but when someone wants a multi-colour print front and back on 50 pieces we’re making money with no headaches.

Just pressed 200 on Friday. Not me though. Someone who was trained on it in like 15min. That’s another factor. It’s very simple to operate.


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