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Emb machine in climate control room?

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How many on here has there machine in a climate controlled room area?

As of now mine have never been, but I will be purchasing a new machine and now I am wondering if I should change that.

I remember reading how humidity and what not can mess with the thread.

Ours is. But our whole building is so it is kind of a cheat...  ;D
Think one of the bigger things is we tried to keep it isolated from the dryers and any extra lint and crap it doesn't need. You could probably avoid that by keeping up on weekly cleaning. Some of us know our weaknesses though....  ;D

We have ours currently in a different room, but it's pretty much whatever it is outside in the summer is what it is in there. And there is a small garage door that we leave open to the print shop, so yea dust does get in there. We have the central air in the back disconnected because we are maxed out with our power.

If im spending so much on a new emb machine, id rather it not get a mess.

Humidity is a bigger problem with rayon thread.  Poly doesn't absorb moisture like rayon does.

We had a roof leak last year and it landed right on top of our thread.  The poly thread came out unscathed.  The rayons all swelled up and are very loose on the spools.  We put everything in the screen cabinet and left it there to dry out and it came back fine.

I'm not saying you can't run it in the warehouse, but I think it's best in a climate controlled room. It's a much nicer working environment.  Check with your tech though and get their opinion.

I don't know if this plays into a decision. And I'm sure none of you are in the same state as me, but when we did embroidery our insurance was less having the embroidery in its own room with a door.


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