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We currently use the Rio mixing system for our pantones. Been using it for years and like it. It does not mix colors from Pantone's pastel books. We are getting a lot of requests for off whites and really "cream" colored inks. There is nothing in the standard Pantone book that gets us close to what we are looking for. Now myself, I can mix something by eye that gets us where we need to be, but thats a pain. Then there is consistency from job to job.

Anyone know of a mfg that makes a stock cream type of color or does anyone have any tips of mixing pastel colors. Im sure a lot of the answer is to mix the shade and just toss in some white. Hahaha. But looking to make it a little less brainless for the guys in back!

Do you have a new book? We don't and I recently had art with colors that were not in my book but were in IMS. It was a cream color like you described something like 9024 (I'm at home and don't remember the number exactly) Some 6000 numbers as well.

probably been a year or two since we purchased one. we do so little exact matching that i feel like its overkill to purchase one every year if the old ones are still "good" (I know thats a whole rabbit hole you can go down). but perhaps its time to grab a new one.

 There are a couple of ways I usually handle this
-I'll mix it by eye and record what I'm adding to it till I reach the color. Small batches.
Then enter that recorded info into IMS and it should be able to calculate it for a bigger batch.
-You can also call Avient and tell them you need the formula for that; they can sometimes help.
-The last option is if they are a repeat client/design you can order a premixed batch from your ink supplier or Avient.



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