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DTF under bill of hat

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Hey All.
I have a customer looking for some text under the bill of his hats (alpha tt802). Different bible verses on different colors. I have been using some supa colors transfers on these. About half the time it works fine and the other half it does not. I have tried a few temps and longer press times. Do any of you do this? Have any tips?

Platen heating up affecting it? Too small of detail? When you say it doesn't work - what parts are failing?

Pressing too long can be an issue too.  Sometimes it overheats, shrinks the print and becomes a kind of melted mess.  We haven't experience that in a long time but if we press nylon, we need to reduce heat and time a bit for instance.

Is it all the same material? is it cotton or poly?

I'd like to see pics of just how it failed.
Problems I have had in the past, though few and far between were generally poor adhesion of fine lines.

The word from Supacolor as I received it was .75 point for stand alone white, 1.15 point for color, if that helps


Here are a couple pics. Some of teh text is not sticking…


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