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Anyone else using OMG, are you being asked to verify your business info with Stripe? They want a drivers license / passport and social security number. Stripe needs to cross reference a "selfie" to a government issued ID.... I called OMG and they were absolutely useless. There is no way on this planet I am going to give them that info. Effing China building a damn database...

As a direct Stripe user we've never had to do anything remotely like that.

My guess, someone on OMG's platform did a bad bad and now Stripe is requiring KYC.
It will become more common for all types of financial institutions, so fire up the fake id printing machine.

They are an Ireland based company by the way. So maybe St Patty is building a database.
Knock you with a shillelagh.

We use OMG as well...and as of now they have not asked are they picking and choosing who should comply? Homer and I joined prob around the same time.. So it would seem like they should be reaching out to me as well?

OMG assured me it's legit and has to be done to accept payments. From stripe:

"Stripe will use biometric technology (on images of you and your IDs), as well as other data sources and our service providers (such as document issuer or authorised record holder), to confirm your identity, and for fraud and security purposes. You can subsequently opt-out by contacting Stripe.

Stripe will store and use these images, other data collected, and the results of this check and share it with your merchant, in accordance with Stripe's Privacy Policy"

  The OMG verification process is asking me to "take a picture with my phone" or "upload a photo"....yeah, you'll get a photo alright. I contacted stripe about this and of course haven't heard back.

That will probably be a photo nobody wants to see.


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