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Before delving into that subject, do any of you have a minimum amount of screens where you use a triloc or do you use it on a one color with an ub IE every job? For me, four or more justifies using it. On the subject has anyone taken a brand new employee, show them basic setups with a triloc etc, and make that work? Again, for me, I believe in training new hires in the basic fundamentals of printing, especially registration geometry and learning how the micro adjustments work and how to adjust when necessary before throwing them into a triloc etc. Think of team sports....what is the first thing you teach?

Doug S:
For me there are no employees but I use the triloc for all jobs regardless of color count.  Especially since they all come from dts.  I do think employees understanding the use of micros are important though.

All jobs. But most of our jobs aren't low color count any way.

I have a new guy starting today. He will learn unloading and change overs first. Maybe by the end of the we can get him on locking in jobs. No job too small for Tri-Loc here.

I was wondering why not every job with tri loc? even a 1 color, put it in and its ready to go.. is there an easier way?

Setting up jobs is the last thing we show new peeps.


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