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I have always found Matsui to be a bit of a mind bender. First in navigating their products (seems to have gotten better)
but now in their online mixing software. Matsui as a company just has such a different idea of logical organization than I.

At any rate, does anyone know how to access the "named" Pantones in their mixing software? IE Red 032.

In Adobe products, if you are looking for them in the swatches and the wrong ones keep popping up, type "pantone" and then the number/name.

Some of the named colors do come up. You can try to reach out to or for an answer.

If it helps, all matsui colors are based off prints going through 110 screens, on white tees.

It’s a nightmare and I’m sure some shop will come in here to defend it.

To make things more complex they have a formula list that is different from the site.

There is no mixing company that mixes all the Pantone colours for you. They rely on us to report issues and then update the software with the new formula.

Problem is some companies never update the software. They just let us make the same mistakes and the same colours over and over again.

I offered to connect their Google spreadsheet to an online calculator, and they ignored me.

The reality is that this isn’t the first company in our industry to ignore a solution. Some big shop they give special treatment to will show up here and say all the mixing systems suck and there’s too many variables to have a mixing system work for waterbased.


--- Quote from: ericheartsu on March 22, 2024, 12:25:46 PM ---If it helps, all matsui colors are based off prints going through 110 screens, on white tees.

--- End quote ---
It would help if the ink company said this or showed what the ideal base on a dark shirt looks like.

Who prints a light shirts with a 110? It’s asinine.


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