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DTF Cancer risk?

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Came across this over the weekend in my YT feed. Correlation doesn't imply causation they say... but damn. Cant help but feel bad for this guy regardless. Make sure to have ventilation and PPE if you're going to mess with this stuff. Should be common sense. If you're not going to use PPE, just outsource the transfers. Not worth the risk.


interesting, thanks for sharing.


Just about everything in our shops can cause cancer, sprays, glues, inks, fumes etc....we have mask and respirators we wear or should wear, I open our doors in the back to air the place out when we are printing, I'm thinking that helps a bunch.

That's enough for me to stay away from it going forward. I wear a respirator and gloves when I powder the films but I still feel vulnerable whenever I have to run a DTF job. I'll be 35 next month and I've felt like crap since I was 25. Been in this business since I was 17. Heavily considering learning a new skill and making a career change lol.


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