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DTF on 100% poly

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I had a cat bring in a 100% poly rain jacket type vest wanting a DTF print on it anyone press 100% poly without any trouble, I don't have anything in the shop like that material to test on.

I've done lots of poly shirts with no problems,  the only thing that I can think of that might be an issue is if there is any type of water repellent coating on it.

I just did some thin poly jackets from pennant.

275 for 10 sec.

When I get different items like that, I try a test print with a small piece of a transfer in an inconspicuous spot

Just did some here.  I prefer the low-melt from Supa for this.  I get less press marks.  I have switched a lot of stuff over, especially when it's 4 colors, left chest. It's easier to do and frees up the press for faster jobs.


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