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White Ink opacity issues

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Man do I feel like a rookie posting this, but recently we are having a dickens of a time getting a good white print on blends like the 6210 or tri-blends.

We are running OneStroke ELT through a 150s mesh with a 155 or 180s highlight, with a smash/flattening screen after the flash.  Still, they look weak.

We are running our pressure around 20-25psi. We've stood the squeegee up to almost 0 degrees and run it down as far as 15 degrees.  We changed squeegee speeds, checked off contact, flash times, cure times, tried a myriad of white inks, etc. Our tensions are great. We've tried swapping squeegees, different durometers, new blades, etc. We just can get anything that looks great.

It's pissing me off because we used to excel with our whites and we can't get back to it.  I should be able to figure it out.

EOM? Get them stencil walls thickened up maybe?


--- Quote from: Evo on May 14, 2024, 08:38:47 PM ---EOM? Get them stencil walls thickened up maybe?

--- End quote ---

I'll check them.  I didn't think of that for some dumb reason.

We are running right at 10% EOM, I might bump it a touch and maybe add a second pass on the squeegee side.

I bought one of those double blade squeegee's and found it works really well on 135 140 150 s mesh with the ELT white then a 160 regular mesh for a highlight, sometimes a little thicker print than I want but the white is all shirts just don't print the same for some crazy reason.


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