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Winged, Ink Traps or None of the above.

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Just a curious question for conversation. I watch a bit of screen print vids on Youtube and notice quite
a few places run just straight flood bars. I like to use winged for my black and white
and will use the few extras I have for long runs. I was given a few sets of traps when I
bought my press from M&R, I'll also use them for long runs but they sit for the most part.
So my question is, do you have a preference?

Winged for everything. My press came with a set of straight and a set of winged. The straight bars have never been touched lol.

Don't even know why they make straight, next to useless, really....

Just like with pads, its the only way to go.

Wings for the most part and every now and then straight for left chest stuff


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