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I think I have sportsman trouble ahead.


Doug S:
Recently I'd say in the last 6 months.  When I power up the sportsman and push a button to raise the tables the first time it makes a hissing sound before raising.  It only does this the first time and no sign of it while it's indexing or manually raising the tables again.  I power it off for a day and come back and it does the same thing the first time.  I feel like this will give me trouble eventually so I'm wanting to fix it if possible before hand. 

Anyone else run across this?  If so, what was the fix.  I appreciate it advance.  Thanks.

Air leaks that fix themselves on first cycle always make me think valve, but could also be the cylinder.
It can be hard to differentiate, leaky cylinders can blow back through the valve, making it look like the leak is there.
An intermittent problem makes finding it that much more fun. If you can bypass the valve and put air straight to the
cylinder you might be able to isolate the problem. If'n it was me though and the valve wasn't particularly costly I'd
probably just swap a new one in, if it fixes the problem great, if not you have a known good spare, and start looking at the cylinder.

With the air off, pull the line to the valve and dump a bunch of 10w oil in there. (I assume you're oiler is properly filled and calibrated, and you change your filters every 3 months?) Sometimes valves can get sticky/cruddy and a rinse of oil can flush them out and free them up. Not sure what Sporty you have but 3rd party sources for the SMC valve should be under $200.

Doug S:
I appreciate the help fellas.


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