Author Topic: Anatol Titan 5x6 like new (only 30K prints) and air compressor/dryer $12K  (Read 610 times)

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I've retired from the print world and have an extremely lightly used Anatol Titan for sale (less than 30K prints)
The press has a small physical footprint (8')
Included features:
- Anatol Titan 5 color, 6 station press with Servo index and air lift ,stroke,clamp
- Rapidwave quartz flash
- C-Aire 2 stage 80 gallon air compressor (21.5 CFM)
- Kaeser refrigerated air dryer
- Custom (DIY) registration system
Pictures available

Also available:
Pallet jack
8' 6000 watt dryer
Electrical panel with associated breakers and receptacles
Exhaust vent hood
Rio ink mixing system (quart size)
Folding tables
21” x 27” aluminum frames

At this time, I'm not interested in selling pieces individually.
Will consider offers

Contact me via this forum -or-
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Congratulations, I'm 10 weeks into my retirement, and I have to say, it's a bit of alright!

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