Author Topic: Siser North America Offers ColorPrint Evolution? Digital Cutter Material  (Read 1835 times)

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Digital print-and-cut media has just taken a giant leap forward with the latest product from Siser North America. ColorPrint Evolution? is a new colorfast, high-opacity media designed to be used with digital printers. It offers high performance durability, a super soft hand, and a matte finish.

It can be applied to cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends and stretchy materials such as Lycra?/ Spandex. This versatile material can be stretched to its limits and will retain its shape and registration with no distortion. It features a polyester backing and because of its unique patented adhesive, Evolution can be used on everything except nylon, treated, or sublimation dyed fabrics.

ColorPrint Evolution? can used with UV, eco-solvent, and solvent-based inks. The garment should be pre-heated prior to application, and it adheres in only 15 seconds with firm pressure. It is peeled hot. No dry time is required after the media is printed but inks are not cured until heat applied.

ColorPrint Evolution? will allow you to create high-quality, long-lasting decorated apparel that rivals any other decorating method with the advantages of doing it in low minimums and fast turnaround. It is best used with a Siser? weeder, Siser? squeegee, and kraft paper or a Teflon? sheet. To guarantee top-quality results, it must be used with ColorPrint Evolution? Mask. It also must be washed in cold water.

Siser North America, the world?s largest manufacturer of heat transfer materials, carries a full line of heat transfer materials for use with cutters and print-and-cut equipment. For more information, contact SiserNA at 866-301-9409 or