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Should be self explanatory, though I'm sure that if there is a question for clarification, I'll hear it (or more accurately, see it)

Please don't count your old worn out frames waiting to be re-stretched (or used as kindling), or your stripped out re-tensionables waiting for a fix.

In case you add some or toss some, you can change your vote.

{32}  25x30 M3

no where near enough

the majority of our frames are 23x31 MZX

the rest are 25x33, 25x36 and 36x42 M3

Denis Kolar:
I had about 40 of the static ones, but most of them had my retail work on them that I was not going to reclaim anytime soon.
I just added 23 of MZX 18x20. Going the retensionable way :) (I hope)

50 Panel frames.
Roughly 100 23x31 aluminum statics
roughly 50 20x23 aluminum statics
15 23x31 M3 newmans not in production


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