Author Topic: On-Press Data Sheets - what do you include? how do you store them?  (Read 2702 times)

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Re: On-Press Data Sheets - what do you include? how do you store them?
« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2012, 03:19:34 PM »
how much is the cloud really helping you since you are doing everything twice, but I guess what do I know, I look in one place and find all the job info I need to reprint the job.  the only thing  I would like is a link to the file.

multiple locations.  Believe me I tried hard to find a way to combine the unique space requirements of a printshop and a downtown retail storefront under one roof (and almost did) but in the end we had to split it up.  I wish everyday that we had that singular locale and could use any manner of basic filing or programs to do this but we don't and need to adapt and that's all there is to it. 

I chose to use cloud for a number of reasons unrelated to printshop matters like point of sale-inventory-accounting-web store integration (saves massive entry time and lets you move fast if you are in retail) but I chose it in terms of shop needs because the only other option is to setup something like a vpn and remote log onto a computer with the shop mgmt and art files.  With the options available for web-based, they're good enough to go that route at the moment and the entry cost is much lower since you pay by the month for the service rather than paying to build a network up front and then IT to maintain.  Cloud, as the programs develop and refine, is also very powerful and in all likelihood the way it's all going to be someday but it's still kinda in it's infancy.  It will really shine for large shops by giving a unified system with all the points of entry you could ever need via web tablets or the like and the cost will be far lower than building one from scratch with proprietary hardware, etc...I'm assisting where I can with T-Boss dev for this as are a few other shops.  For us at the moment, it let's us use two locations without setting up our own network, we simply need internet access at all points and we're set.   

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Re: On-Press Data Sheets - what do you include? how do you store them?
« Reply #16 on: June 07, 2012, 05:38:12 PM »
I forgot to post this the other day, it's not much, pretty ghetto but it gets the job done and next time we print, it's all right there to copy.  I try to write notes on how to make it look better if there was anything that I thought could make it better, but only if it's minor.  Major changes will be made during setup.

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