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Seps gif animation


Separated this out for the event in 2008. I did a few of these for this artist. Artist was Dave Nestler.

I really like when the black plate is applied.  Really shows what printing a black plate can do for you, even on a black garment.


Wow, did they have permission to use the copyrighted image from The Creature from the Black Lagoon?

I'm just asking....even though it's none of my business.   :P

Nice job though Dan.

Yes, He had permission. I asked about that and he has a deal with many of those in the Sci_Fi industry. He does all of the MegaCons, ComiCons etc. In some desgins, he's doing more of a parody such as in Scar Face. Others are famous monster shows. Many of those (like this one for a tattoo convention) are sold at conventions and the tattoo go-ers seem to be much of the same customers as with Sci-Fi conventions. From what I remember, he pay's royalties for every tee sold and any other products.

I was pretty sure you wouldn't let that slip by without checking.  :)


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