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blue moon:
ahhh . . . my turn I guess.

Very new to the screenprinting thing, little over two years now. Pretty happy with how things are working out.

Not new to business though, had some spectacular flops and some pretty successful ventures.

Spent time in the military here and Croatia (born here, raised there), am a skydiving instructor and extreme sport enthusiast (more of a curiosity/challenge thing than need for adrenaline). All of it on hold as the work stuff is now more fun than anything else. Blue Moon is the first in a series of business. Second one is in testing phase (software) and the 3rd one is on the horizon. Goal is to start one every 2-3 years, get them going and turn them over. I lose interest pretty quickly . . .

Got a kid on the way (September) and have a feeling thing are about to change! Hmmmm . . .

I like long walks on the beach and my favorite color is blue!  I am looking for . . . huh wait, wrong forum . . .


Denis Kolar:

--- Quote from: blue moon on April 06, 2011, 06:37:24 PM ---
Got a kid on the way (September) and have a feeling thing are about to change! Hmmmm . . .

--- End quote ---

Congrats again, and yes, the things will change.
But the kids are blessing, would not change a thing........or, wait......I wish my younger one goes back to sleeping in his bed and stops kicking me alllllll night long.....
I knew there was something :)

blue moon:
just had some pix taken for the upcoming marketing events. not big on being in the pix and not trying to scare anybody away, but I liked the look . . .

Makes a great armchair  :)

blue moon:

--- Quote from: squeezee on April 15, 2011, 04:43:43 AM ---Makes a great armchair  :)

--- End quote ---

quite fittingly (for a second place winner), my wife proclaimed I look like I was doing a number 2. 'was thinking, had we actually placed first, should I have posed like this?


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