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Rutland Street Fighter White - NON Phthalate - FREE Shipping


Rutland Street Fighter White High Opacity Ink Non-Phthalate

Street Fighter Cotton White is formulated for maximum opacity and printability on 100% cotton fabrics. Extensive testing involving several industry experts ensures that this product prints easily through a wide range of mesh counts. The low tack formula allows printing through finer mesh counts without the need for a viscosity modifier. Use as an underlay where great opacity is needed or as a stand-alone white.

The performance of the Street Fighter Cotton White will exceed traditional industry cotton white’s standards from well known manufacturers.
Street Fighter Low Bleed White has great low bleed characteristics for printing on polyester/cotton blends.

Features include:

    * Economical, high performance white for 100% Cotton.
    * Creamy, short body plastisol for easy printing.
    * Low tack formula for fast shear action.
    * User friendly, no viscosity modifiers necessary.
    * Prints through high mesh counts.
    * Great opacity with quick flash.
    * Low hot tack does not need a cool down station.
    * Will not cause ghost on 100% cotton.


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