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Got a suprise visit from the Government Tues. Having survived Disney audits and the like we are pretty compliant physically however in my absense the previous PM collected samples of just about everything. While most are not in use turns out if it's in the bldg you must have the MSDS docs to back it up or you must dispose of it. One call to Nazdar and I had practically everything in minutes so hats off to them for that.
Theres a lot more to mention (Lockout/Tagout, PPE, Emergency exit plans, needle disposal containers,etc) but to be of interest to most is that, per OSHA, absolutely no container can be without a copy of the MFGRs label with identity and hazard information

Really good info. Thanks for taking the time to share that.


Most of us dismiss OSHA as "they'll never visit us" but if they do expect fines. I just finished our one hour exit interview. Fines reduced from 5K to under 1K. Penalties?
No lockout/Tag out program.
Fans with ungrounded plugs.
Extension cords used as permanent wiring.
Circuit breaker boxes poorly labeled and blocked.(abated)
Haz Mat comm. (abated)
No emergency exit plans(abated)

The abated items were due to the fact that we resolved them since Tuesday.
BTW did you know in many counties the Fire Dept can site you for thigs like combustables (clothing)need to be three feet from Dryers?

" Fire Dept can site you for thigs like combustables (clothing)need to be three feet from Dryers?"


We had our Fire Marshall inspection earlier this month. No fines because they first give yo time to resolve their infractions. All in all we came out fine, he had issues with extension cords for equipment, needs to be plugged directly into a socket. Even with heavy guage extension cords. One minor issue with access to the breaker panel and our rear steps needs the iron railings rewelded because they were damaged heavily by the bad winter two winters past.


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