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Wasatch Softrip and multi black

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I`m so new to working with Windows and now I have to install and set up Wasatch Softrip too. HEADACHES. Anyway is there a Multi-black set up option in Wasatch similar to the one in AccuRip that allows you print black dye ink from more then one cartridge?

Wasatch prints from one only. Even when I was using Accurip I still only printed from one. It makes no real difference using all of them or one. The cool thing about Wasatch is I can add CMYK back into my other tanks and print with it or even add dye sub. It also controls multiple printers at the same time.I have had Wasatch for a little over a week now so I have not been able to play with it. I did not set it up though. Our supply rep did it all for me so I cant help with the installation. We also linearized it with a densitometer which also made a huge difference.

Rockers after all this years, did you manage get multiblack ?

I have accurip with 7 blacn cardbridge, wonder if wasatch is the same.

Actually I gave up for one simple reason, there is really no point in using a multi black set up.

I am only use to accurip, from my understanding multi black allow me to print faster @ lower resolution and still get a perfect black.
Perfect for standard and spot colors job.

Multi black maybe useless as for best halftone printing, the highest resolution of the printer is needed, hence 1 channel is enough.

I hope I didn't wrote something wrong  :)

I may get wasatch and use it for critical halftone job, and see if there is real improvment.

Thank you !


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