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Wasatch Softrip and multi black

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Wasatch is a little more complex than AR.  Some really good pre-programmed curve functions to punch contrast, lower or raise tonal values by 10%, which can help on weak bases or overly saturated base plates for quick fixes.  A great use of Wasatch in full color mode is to print out comps that color match very well.  Just like halftone linearization you can do the same with color so that it can print out a WYSIWYG off of a calibrated monitor.  This can eliminate hours if not days of sampling.  I have seen it utilized where one sample is printed to show print quality, all others are printed comps.  Cross platform printing is possible where there may be POP or other marketing art that can be printed near end user for fast distribution of printed materials.  You can linearize printers on any continent for color and have local vendors print the marketing items that will match posters printed elsewhere in the world all for immediate delivery and save a ton on shipping.  Not exactly a t-shirt function, but these are avenues for growth in a global view of how digital printing can perform just in time miracles in marketing.  Band tours, product roll outs, ad campaigns are often multi product oriented with t's posters etc.

I must know, how does this work in accuRIP? also, if it's not necessary, how do I get it to work in Wasatch? I have a P9000 with all black cartridges


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