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Window's is quite irritating.

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So I head in to work in the office at 6:45 am this morning and start working. A message pops up and says WINDOWS 7 has updates would you like to defer or update now?  I click defer. (I'm in the middle of something).  It goes away.I'm into a job for 15-20 min. BAM! I see a window that says something like,...SAVE SAVE AS.... and before I figure out whats happening it fades away. Then BAM! another window comes to the forefront. Says same thing and  fades away. 

Next thing I know, It's restarting the PC.
Window's is quite irritating.

you can change the settings.  Nothing was worse than coming in the next day to a restarted computer.

Denis Kolar:
One time I was in the middle of a presentation for a new customer when it happened. I almost threw my laptop down the steps :(


Fresh Baked Printing:
I want to throw my Windows 95 CD's at anyone's head, ninja style,  who says "mac" or "get a mac".   ::)
I've been with Microsoft since DOS 3.0. and Windows 3.0 and love 'em.

Apple does make an awesome game device, I mean phone  :P


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