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Accurip--is there a way to limit the program from printing anything below a 5% dot by chance?  Lately photoshop has been showing me 0% black on my white areas, but it prints with a background of single digit dots.  I'll have to play with the levels and reprint it and hope it doesnt print anything that time.  It's odd.  So if i could limit that in the program somehow that woudl be great--wasting paper gets me to level 10 frustration. 

Yeah, I effing hate that. In Photoshop I always try to remember to eyedrop the background of my
channels, in a large area if possible, to check for stray grey.

Yeah i can't quite find the cause of it--because it "says" i'm at 0%.  it took 3 tries to get it no dots this time...I may have narrowed it down to it coming in as 'grayscale' instead of 'multichannel' (when i delete all but 1 channel in separation studio and bring it in from there i get the dots i think)...but when i bring in all the channels and then delete them from photoshop, it seems OK. 

Ron Pierson:
Hi Guys (and girls)
I have 3 printers and accuRIP everywhere in the art dept. We run about 15 rolls of film a week. I think it is all about photoshop. Look to your background and see if it has a percentage in it. We use EPSON 4880 and 7880 with no issue. I think the EPSON's with lower product numbers will give you this kind of issue but I'm not sure about this.

Out of PS set the color management to "no color management"

Unless you're running cs5 which looks to be bad news for printing seps out of...

Lots of pretty decent articles in there by Charlie as well. 


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