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For Plastisol (no waterbase or discharge), what emulsion do you like and a quick "why" you stick with it.

I'm trying to decide whether to stay with QTX or not.


Aquasol HVP -  high solids, shoots quick, holds great detail, best stencil edge definition I've found.

Kiwo One Coat is nice too and very similar.

I did not care for QTX  I use ITX from Image Technology, for all the same reasons Zoo listed.

Denis Kolar:
Quick, high solids, easy to coat, good detail and only $59/galon

Chromaline CT-R - it's like QTX, Textile PV  but higher solid content, shoots in 45 seconds, 45.00 gal. all around win. . .I didn't care for the viscosity of HVP, I may try it again when the price goes up on my CT-R.


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