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Fruit of the Loom discharge compatibility?

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blue moon:
we have a customer looking to do 100 pieces of 5-6 different colors of FOL shirts and are wanting discharge.

Does anybody have any experience with their product and any of the individual colors?



Screened Gear:
If they want to do a bunch of colors I would tell them they need to use gildans. At least with gildans you can look at their chart and know how they will do before deciding on a color. You can look at the gildan chart and at least be able to eliminate colors that don't discharge will. I bet even the Fruit shirt follow that chart for similar results.  Fruit of the loom would never be my first choice.

ol man:
although we just had a handful of gildan blacks that were obviously overdyed its a first for us.

as far as fruits.. we haven't used them in quite awhile

This is from Union Ink, dated 1997:

What Shirts Are Dischargeable?
Only selected dyes used on natural fibers are dischargeable. Fruit of the Loom and Lee are the only major garment manufacturers stating some colors of their 100% cotton T shirts will discharge well. Fruit of the Loom rates their black, navy, denim, burgundy and brick as being the most dischargeable and their wedgewood, cadet blue, royal, purple and yellowjacket as the poorest. Other colors fall somewhere between.

Lee rates their shirts on a 1-10 scale with ten being the most dischargeable. Lee colors rated as tens are: black, gold, navy, purple, english rose, primrose and powder blue. Colors rated at 7 and discharging ok are peacock, kelly, wine and true red. Colors rated as poorest dischargeable colors are royal, hunter and ash.

Printers are advised to test the dye lot of each new case of shirts by checking the dischargeability of the top and bottom garments in a shipment, using the area to be printed or on an inner seam and put aside garments which do not discharge well for other uses.

I used to print these alot with the Matsui discharge, and they worked pretty well, but it's been at least 2 years since i've discharged a FOTL tee


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