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I guess this could be a sticky if someone was so inclined, but I was thinking of having a single thread where members could just throw pics on of current or past prints.  If someone just wants to post pics without much serious discussion on it that would work great, but if someone wishes to discuss a certain print in detail they could always start a new thread.  What are y'alls thoughts on this? 

Here are some pics of a job we did this week.  Iphone pics, sorry.  Customer was very tight about the number of colors so we had to skimp out a little bit and use black halftones on top of the tan to create that strange brown.  That was the only difficult part, we had to tweak the artwork a little and I had to put the black on a 305 and print it at 18 inches/second to keep the dot gain down to an acceptable level.
The first 2 pics were printed 1. Tan/Brown 2. Flash 4. Gray 5. Light Navy 6. Brite Red 7. Flash 9. Black 10. White

This one 1. 80% halftone UB 2. Flash 4. Tan 5. Light Navy 6. Brite Red 7. Flash 9. Black 10. White

Here some recent stuff from the last couple weeks.  I have some cool projects coming up that I'm excited to post.   2 motorcycle sim process jobs and a car show sim process job.  I'l post those up when they go to print.  There is something wrong with all of these, that's why they are on the wall and not with the customer.

Sweet.  We did a crawfish boil job a few weeks ago.  They had one of their employees draw this up with the colors they wanted and we just duplicated their sketch as best we could.  It wasn't a very difficult print, but I wish we could have had the control over the artwork.  It has a discharge underbase, and I also flashed this one after printing the gray.  It was a larger run and the buildup with the gray was bad since it was an ink that we mixed with several other colors that had a very questionable origin.  I'll be glad when we finally run through all the crap ink we bought from that shop that went out of business.  We bought their entire ink inventory and some of the ink is over 15 years old.  We only have about 20 gallons left!

Looks good Alan.  The crawfish shirts I posted up are heading down your way.  That job fought me pretty bad as it was 7 colors and could only use one flash. I ended up having to choke the highlite white a point to keep it from muddying up with the Navy outline. Definitely wasn't my best work, but considering the turn-around time needed, and the problems we were having, they were happy.  One of those jobs where you cross your fingers....

We've done a lot of crossing of the fingers lately.  We've had some monster jobs coming through that have really tested our process.  I need more newmans and good mesh.  I've got 15 newmans to stretch and I'm stumped on which mesh I want to put in them.  I'm leaning towards murakami smartmesh s threads, the only thing that I'm hesitant about is we are running into a mesh protection issue with one of my guys.  There is only 3 of us and I can't figure out which one of them is the one mishandling our screens right now.  It stings when I'm finding one screen every other week that has a nick or a tear in it, and 9 times out of 10 its right in the damn middle of the screen.  We've gone entire years without having a screen bust or a rip, so this recent activity is disheartening.


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