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This link shows the top 10 companies expected to vanish from the landscape in 2011. 

One of them is AA.  This may be old news to some, but the article was interesting to read.

wow sears i wonder what will happen with the craftsman line

Lends a new meaning to "lifetime warranty", eh?

Screened Gear:
I hear this all the time from suppliers (that don't carry AA). AA is going out of business. No way is it true on the wholesale side. The retail stores? yes. the wholesale side no way. I have numerous clothing lines that will not use anything else. All the knockoffs are...junk. They all shrink inconsistently. I can't even offer many of them to my clients without worrying about them coming back, pissed.... (Hanes knockoff shrinks in the arms too much after wishing, gildans knockoff has a huge neck after washing, Canvas is a mess after washing much like the bellas (go figure). Anvil i have not tried but if it's like the others they make it will be the same. (if i am missing one let me know..,) American Apparel is top of the line in this industry (soft style wholesale shirts) Let me know what others think this is just my opinion after buying many of the others, washing them and then trying to wear them. Trust me i want a better knockoff so I can offer it to my clients. There is just not one that has as nice of material and shrinks consistently. I had a Tultex shrink 4 inches up on a v-neck. How can you sell that to a client with a straight face.

Next Level has a decent product for the money, but AA definately trumps it.  Next Level direct is a real Cluster F though, so whenever possible I get mine from Bodek. 


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