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Something old, something new


I love when people come in with an old, existing shirt, and say, I want this!
Ok, what have you got?  ::)
( sorry for the overexposed, out of focus phone photos )

Wow, some thick ink there, but it's oldschool, so that's ok.
Are you sure you want this?
How many?
Well..uh, a couple?
Well, 12?
( How about more? )
Can we have that on red?
Drawing, scanning, vectorizing, cleanup, ouput to photoshop, make channels, trap the base, pull it back a bit ).
( no I'm not using flourescent inks tyvm )

( they love it, order a whole bunch. )

( nicely out of focus dude.. I ain't got a camera though )
Can't see dots in the pic, but it's p/f/p/f white, red, green, lt gold.
Should've kept one for me..maybe next run, cause they want more now.




Very cool man, both.

Yours looks VERY well done. So done the meat just fell of the bones on that guy. (BADDA BING!)  Seriously. NIce work.

Thats a nice rat to. Not gay like mine. Thats a bad to the bonze rat.  (BADDA BING!)

Thank google image search for a quick reference, just drew it my way.
Was going to eliminate the text bubbles and such, but he insisted.
Should've fixed the arm he leans on, but whatever.


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