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Couple of things first:

* This is not meant to be a sh!t talkin' thread, but vent away if you feel the need.
* I hope this does give some good cred to the smaller suppliers out there
I need a better supplier.  Our old one, Westar Solutions, is and has always been awesome and we still get emulsion and chem's from them but we're running Wilflex Epic now and the options appear slim- GSG, Nazdar, Midwest.   GSG was who I settled on (it was Dallas...not Houston, got it mixed up) and they are fired as of today.  Thanks for the pm's on that fellas. 

These days I grow more and more burned out on the larger operations I sometimes have to purchase from, they cost as much and often more than the smaller guys and just don't seem to give a flying one sometimes.   For our part, we tend to mix everything in house so we rarely need things asap, just good service.  We're not picky customers either- don't screw us on price, we pay up front and just let us know when to expect our orders and I'm a happy boy. 

So, my friends on this half of the union, who's out there that's worth checking out? 

I miss Tubelite who used to be local. Their Arizona location may be the closest to you.


--- Quote from: Frog on June 24, 2011, 02:56:10 PM ---I miss Tubelite who used to be local. Their Arizona location may be the closest to you.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, will check 'em out.  I should qualify what I said about GSG too, the people I've worked with have been very helpful and on point, it just seems that really major things get dropped too easily with the big companies, they must not give people enough leeway and knowledge to stay on top of their clients at these operations.  Probably just the nature of being big. 

In this industry I think it really pays off for both suppliers and us printers to have a dedicated rep. helping you out.  Talking with a random csr on the phone can often take a half an hour of nauseating discussion and it's amazing how something like that can turn a good busy day into a really cranky day for you.  We buy 90% of our garments from a single supplier for this reason, I'd love to do the same for the rest. 

one of my many rants was about this very topic, although I'm NY, we have the same BS to deal with. I actually received a phone call from Nazdar a few days after my rant and they took care of every single problem I had. . .so, what's my point? It's Friday, I don't have one, i'm tired and going home. haha. . . .Squeaky wheel gets the oil. . .you may not have a close source one huh?

Screened Gear:
There is 5 suppliers in Arizona (I guess we do alot of business here). I use they know thier stuff been around for over 20 years and they supply for all the big shops in town. hope this helps.


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