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I've had the HP9800 wide format for a while now.  However it's always had some quirks.  Like maybe the first film to print might be missing the top 1/8 inch of print the first time through.  And it's always had something to cause me some grief.

Now I'm going to start doing some Ink Jet transfers and the first one was crappy (on the paper) and not very colored. 

Long story short, thinking of getting something else, but looking for an Inkjet that does Pigment Ink (for WB film), is a wide format, can do both films and transfers, and is NOT HP.

I've been doing some looking at the Epson 1400, but doggone it, it's a Dye based printer.  Am I overdoing the desire for Pigment printer?  Is anyone successfully doing Transfers (and films) with a Dye based printer?



No argument with the quirks, but for me, transfers have been great, Here are two crappy pics of ones I did recently

For you, if you like the self contained heads, look at Canon, otherwise, one of the Epsons. I just don't know which are pigment and which are dye.

Mine has not been used for a couple of months, but did a clean and the sample print color looked pretty good, but as soon as I printed the transfer, the colors were muted and had lines. 

Output from Corel as Composite.

I'm using the printer, same paper as you and (for now) factory ink.  Do you make any setting adjustments for the transfers?

Print quality-best

Paper type - HP Iron-on transfer

As the inks dry, they look very muted on this paper until transferred. Blacks look downright gray!

Denis Kolar:
Look into Epson 1100. It is a dye based printer and it prints up to 13x19"


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