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Here is a new one on me but hopefully someone here already dealt with this or has the knowledge.

We have an order for 6,000 t's navy with two color back/sleeve/pocket prints. This is for a major electrical manufacturing company. They are very tight with their business and safety controls. What they are concerned with is that the Plastisol is somehow an eelectrical issue for them. We have provided MSDS etc. They feel having a synthetic material on a cotton shirt brings in a safety issue. Their biggest concern is arc flash or an image actually being imprinted on their skin in case of fire or arc.

Anyone have any experience with this?

we ran into this with some HVAC guys, we could only embroider with cotton thread on cotton products - nothing screened. Can you discharge them?

Having worked for an Ambulance company for several years I have seen numerous flash burn victims from electrical accidents. That is the least of their worries. I have not seen anything anywhere that says plastisol is conductive to electricity. Now as far as the design getting burned onto their skin there is a possibility since the plastisol will in a way protect the skin in a flash better than the cotton. But in the case of a sustained burn after the sluffing of the burnt skin the design if it were to be there will fall off along with it. Sorry to be gross but it is what it is.

They are stuck on the idea that whatever they wear has to be 100% non synthetic period. Embroidery is out because the thread has to be color fast and obviously insane to embroider the backs. Discharge is out they rejected the process because of the MSDS info etc. Their business is about clean technology and electrical conservation.

I think in the end they will finally figure out that Plastisol is the lesser of all evils.

not sure of the shirt color but dye-sub?


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