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Denis Kolar:
I purchased some squeegee material (60/90/60) that came rolled up. I have cut it to size and put in my squeegee holder and they are still curling up a bit.
Is there any simple solution to get these squeegees straight?


Fresh Baked Printing:
Based on zero past experience with bulk squeeze material, but how about laying the roll flat in the sun so gravity can maybe flatten it out before cutting?
I will defer to the experts, however.

I never worried about it. They will never be completely straight.  If pulling the squeegee, we always put the curled side toward the mesh.  No reason, just seemed like a good idea.

How the hell is it curling inside the handle?  Do you have screws/aluminum to clamp it in or did you glue/caulk it into a wood handle?

If it's a screws and clamp setup: 

Load it in square and straight

Start with the middle screw and work outward. 

Get em as tight as they'll go without squishing the blade and causing another warping issue. 

60/90/60 can be a little floppy but it shouldn't be curled in the handle at all. 

It's the only way I have ever bought it. Six foot lengths I think, and never noticed a persistent curl, even before mounting them. Once mounted, I can't imagine much of a pronounced curl at all.
I'm almost positive that it will relax.


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