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Epson 4000 Settings for Positives?

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Mr Tees!!:
...I picked up an Epson 4000 recently, and I am trying to figure out the best settings, I'm getting some blurryish film prints. Theres WAAAAY more options with this thing than the 1400 I was previously using...more paper styles, quality settings etc.

...anyone know the right combo?    ???

Find the Ghostscript tutorial and use it. Really can't be beat in terms of film quality, and not to mention price.
Just use the generic Stylus driver and you're good to go. I never obtained quality results from the stock Epson
driver and printing directly from a program.

Mr Tees!!:
...I already use Ghost for outputting halftones and stuff, but when using Ghostview, you still have to set the printer settings to the output printer. Its those settings I am trying to get right. They vary from printer to printer.

...anyone else?

If you have to change any settings in Ghost you aren't using the correct driver. You
choose your printer up above, and then "Print Method" down on the left. You want
Ghostscript Device. Then click the button to the right of it and find UniPrint.

Mr Tees!!:
...interesting. I have always used the Windows GDI option, and then made the setttings and saved them dependant on film size. That way I can print directly from Corel if the job has no halftones any rate I tried your method. Under UNIPRINT, I chose "epson stylus color, 720x720".The printer display says "printing", but its taking forever, and it doesnt show up at all in the printer queue.   >:(

...any ideas?


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