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AccuRIP and the dot gain setup....WTH!!!!

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about 6 wks ago we  got our new film output printer.  Epson 4900.  I am now finally getting around to linearizing it.  I have the readings from a densitometer.  When I put the numbers in I get a nice looking curve but my films print out like this.
The one on the right is my original print the one on the left is after I put in my new numbers.  I went through the "knowledge base" online and the articles are not very helpful with this aspect of the dot gain.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

yup. same issues I had. I sent my films off to Pierre and I dropped the numbers in and I still couldn't dial it in. accurip really isn't too accurate. I need to make the change to film maker, one of these days.

O Homer..... :'( I was so hoping it was user error!!


--- Quote from: middletownink on July 26, 2013, 09:23:18 AM ---O Homer..... :'( I was so hoping it was user error!!

--- End quote ---

very well could be, I know the ink and film had something to do with it too. I'm at the 2880 dpi setting now and it appears better but the 80% range and up goes to mud.

blue moon:
try their forum or online tech support. It is supposed to be free!



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