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AccuRIP and the dot gain setup....WTH!!!!

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Digging up this dinosaur thread. I have Black Pearl and had Pierre read my output. Entered the values and ran a new output and everything looked better but values 85-100 were very heavy. 85 was darn near solid and 90-100 were solid black. Any idea what I may have done wrong?

Here is a photo

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I'm sure you have worked this out by now, but I would assume that the readings from Pierre's will get you close only. Better than none or most, but not 100% the same. The reason being, you need to be using the same type of inks, and the the same weight droplet.  You can print out the Weight droplet test (onto film), and determine wha tis the best weight to use (to get solid images) with no light coming through...and down run or take a long time to dry. Thats what that test is for.  THEN, you can put in Peirre's numbers...and get closer. You can even ask him what he used for a weight droplet, but film type plays another factor.  All of these play. factor.  Ink type, Film brand, weight droplet amount (and art).  The art and color profiles are another much longer topic, but for started. Narrow down a good weight droplet and enter Pierre's numbers....and then lastly, adjust those numbers as needed.


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